Steam is a huge success worldwide but i hate it. Why?
From what i see, STEAM in geared/designed for country with great internet connection like Japan, US, Europe, so many STEAM’s features become a nuisance for me (auto update, cloud, validation, etc). Also the way the DRM works is very irritating.

These things make me hate STEAM and its DRM:

1. Installation must connect Internet.
2. I have the retail DVD, but after install i need to download about 2GB data from STEAM to complete installation. (took a day to finish download)
3. After install, the game need to be updated with hundreds MB of data…
4. i have 1 corrupted file but STEAM won’t fix it from DVD. It fix from the internet ….
5. The fixing process after running can’t be canceled. Im forced to DELETE all game data and redo all the install again from scratch.
6. Launching game is taking 3 minutes at common. Sometime failed to Launch.
7. OFFLINE MODE is not always work.

But if go to the dark side download the crack from hackers. All these nuisance gone a 100%.

Here for comparison i tell you about using pirated games:

1. Go to shopping mall and buy the game, easily. (Original game need to be ordered from other city or pre-ordered or imported)
2. Install game.
3. Apply cracks
4. Voila, you can play game. No need internet, no need waiting update to finish.

if game corrupted, just do step 2-4 again.

DRM is supposed to protect original game buyer… not irritating original game buyer..
why i buy original game but need use crack to enjoy game..

Also the updates, with official updates its HUNDREDS of MB to download… will took a few hours to complete. But by using unofficial update from hackers on the internet, its becoe only a couple MB and so fast to download.
another benefit, the update is saved in .exe so whenever i need to apply it again, NO NEED TO REDOWNLOAD the patch/update.

With this blog post i didn’t mean to encourage piracy, but i want to make a point that we, the one who spend money to buy original game is not deserved to be treated like this…
also whatever DRM or copy protection a game using, it will be cracked open in just a couple of days.

EA with BFBC2 is having a good move on DRM, not frustrating original game buyer and very practical.