Tadi lagi sakit jadi gw bikin-bikin barang ga jelas sebentar :p

unofficial BFBC2 Updater.
Update BFBC2 easily and resumeable by using your favorite download manager.

BFBC2_PC_Patch_515195_553292.zip (about 800MB)
unofficialBFBC2PCpatcher_515195to553292.exe (about 100KB)

Installer is Multilanguage, compatible with 64/32bit of Windows XP, Vista, 7.
Autodetect BFBC2 installation.


How To Use :

Put both file on the same folder. Then run the .exe.
Taruh kedua file di folder yang sama. Kemudian jalankan .exe.

This updater should help BFBC2 update file not found error, or updater can’t find server error
basically it is a manual update

THIS UPDATE IS FOR NON-STEAM VERSION. Only use for BFBC2 from retail disc or EA.

I give no warranty, guarantee etc etc.