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Kinect Ideas


i have a hope, or is it a dream… of things that can be done with Kinect… Its almost limitless… been making notes on papers and books… here incomplete ideas 2010-11 – help those that have disabilities to able to chat and type fast using HSL. – secure house, bank, etc with 3D scanning and [...]

Fun fun fun, life, game, dance, education?

Whoops, never though that away from my not-so-secret lair @ “soultaker” is kind of fun. Really enjoying every milimeter of life 8 of us being called for duty to a remote village. Argh.. i don’t know the english term for this duty… its called “KKN” in Indonesian. Basically my university is commanding its own students [...]



I’ve made some interesting things around architecture. What is it? Some usual stuff like designing an interior and some awesome stuff like Interactive Expo. And it made long before Kinect even released so currently by using Kinect i can make the exhibition a lot more interactive, informative, and interesting. Here’s the kid’s Toy Store i made   As for the [...]

Motion Capture kayak Hollywood tapi murah meriah untuk animasi 3D

mmd kinect

Barusan jalan jalan, menikmati tiap milimeter youtube. Eh gak sengaja kesandung video hebat. Ternyata cuman dengan Kinect, kita bisa melakukan Motion Capture untuk dipakai di Animasi 3D! Ini berarti motion capture yang biasanya super mahal, hanya mampu dipakai studio Hollywood kini bisa dinikmati oleh animator-animator umum. Mau tahu gimana aksinya? monggo di tonton video ini. [...]