Windows metro ui
Windows 8 with metro UI give more ease of use for finger navigation and kinect navigation, but windows 8 still long before release.

By using Kinect and some software, we can simulate the Windows 8 Kinect experience using windows 7.

What you need
- Kinect
- Windows 7
- KinEmote.
(and download all needed apps and drivers mentioned on kinemote)
- Newgen
- and finally the official Microsoft Kinect drivers, SDK, and Speech SDK.

In that video the menu seems slick and usable but in reality it is indeed usable but making sore arm pretty fast. Also the Voice Recognition is kind of hit and miss, as you can see i need to say “close that” twice to make it work. But that’s maybe because my bad English pronunciation.

That video above running in 1.6GHz very old intel CPU connected to 384Kbps internet. Thats why you can see many judder and long loading time.

Thanks to D’Ghal for making me notice this nice MetroUI launcher