i have a hope, or is it a dream… of things that can be done with Kinect…

Its almost limitless…
been making notes on papers and books…
here incomplete ideas


- help those that have disabilities to able to chat and type fast using HSL.

- secure house, bank, etc with 3D scanning and recording

- interactive exhibition, something like this. Nice for various event/things.


- secure kids

+ Motion Capture
Horray someone made it, its for animation but should be something like that for games, etc.

+ Fast prototyping of real world objects/buildings/etc into virtual space. Can for games, engineer research, disaster, etc.
microsoft made it, called KinectFusion. Seems focused on the fast prototyping of real world.

- Fast whatever simulation on real world object in virtual space.

+ control many things (xbox, pc, robots..)
many people made it. there kinemote, FAAST, etc.


- Fast 3D asset making. for games, architect, etc.
microsoft make it. in Kinect Fun Labs and KinectFusion.


- smart home that smarter and cheaper

- use it as like WALL-E robot. for seeing and hearing. can be useful for Search and Rescue.

- to study body. maybe for medic student?