Download SUWI R20110308 (500KB)

i called this as Suwi (Squid Unofficial Windows Installer).
Squid is a windows web cache or proxy thingy that basically speedup your internet and ngirit bandwidth.

This small installer will make installing and running squid in Windows is easy and user-friendly.
Should be working for installing Squid 2.7 for Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP.
Cara Untuk pake proxy-nya
Copy/Paste dari: GX

1. Buka setting proxy di browser…
2. Kalau pake mozilla firefox maka settingan tuh kaya gini:
proxy firefox

Oh yah jangan lupa kalau Squid nya di setting untuk jalan di SERVER. Pastikan ganti dengan ip dari SERVER. Misalnya diganti jadi
- credits stated on installer
- Heavily NOT TESTED, report installer trouble here.
- Yes the Installer ICON and Logo is WRONG, im too lazy to change it from my M2EX installer.
- squid image used in this post from