I’ve made some interesting things around architecture. What is it? Some usual stuff like designing an interior and some awesome stuff like Interactive Expo. And it made long before Kinect even released so currently by using Kinect i can make the exhibition a lot more interactive, informative, and interesting. Here’s the kid’s Toy Store i made   As for the [...]


I’ve been writing article for a few years. Some are self-publicized article on blog and forums. Some are newspaper article. Unfortunately they did not have digital newspaper so no direct-link, but i still have the original data if needed. Newspaper: SUARA MERDEKA (Indonesian) Technology 2010-12-12, Mencari Alamat Tanpa Tersesat. 2010-07, Melindungi data pribadi dengan aman [...]

Music and Audio

Hari Merdeka

Ah music, those beautiful sounds and harmony… I can’t play any “real” music instrument. But i can play games and i can use mouse Here some musics crafted from game console and PC software:

Game Modifications

Game, a kind of art and entertainment that always keep me amused. Some i just play, some i mod them. What game have i worked on? Mafia II, Battlefield : Bad Company 2, Dirt 2, Emil Chronicle Online.


Sometime i need a program to do something that nobody have made. Or somebody already made it but did not fit my purposes. Here are some of the programs i made to fit my needs.