I’ve been writing article for a few years. Some are self-publicized article on blog and forums. Some are newspaper article. Unfortunately they did not have digital newspaper so no direct-link, but i still have the original data if needed.

Newspaper: SUARA MERDEKA (Indonesian)

2010-12-12, Mencari Alamat Tanpa Tersesat.
2010-07, Melindungi data pribadi dengan aman dan mudah.
2010-04-11, Wujudkan Imaji dengan 3D Hologram.
2009-10-11, Hatsune Miku Menyanyi Indonesia Pusaka.

2008-05, Review : Racedriver GRID (tittled as “Game Balapan kaya efek”).
2008-04, Review : Assassin’s Creed.

Online publications :

2010-12, Rumah Mungil Yang Sehat (won iDEA Online contest)

Technology and Gaming
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and also on some online forums.

Video Review : Mass Effect 2

Natural User Interface Tech-demo for Expo (architecture) and Gaming (audiosurf)