I’ve made some interesting things around architecture. What is it? Some usual stuff like designing an interior and some awesome stuff like Interactive Expo. And it made long before Kinect even released so currently by using Kinect i can make the exhibition a lot more interactive, informative, and interesting.

Here’s the kid’s Toy Store i made
coverfloor planfurnitureinterior


As for the interactive architectural Expo, it uses your own body to navigate the sleek and informative app. It catches people attention quickly and once they try it, they love it. The app is showing heavy information like documentary videos and facts about Esplanade in Singapore, usually things like this put people off but due to the intreactivity, they smiling while receiving that heavy infos.

Fresh and interactive expo without the need of holding a controller.

Just use your hand (or head) to navigate ;)

Seems good for showing off products to prospective clients or just to be used on public expo.


And in 2012 i made a short video clip of riverside development mockup: